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A Share Hope Ambassador is willing to share online posts from Share Hope through Art via social media or email, share information in public (with permission), help build connections in the community, wear (future) button, t-shirt, place (future) bumper sticker on your car, tell others about the organization, and/or share the message of hope.

I am likely alive because of what my father said on the car ride home from my neighbor's funeral in 2003, that "losing a child to suicide is the hardest thing a parent could ever have happen."  This conversation changed my mind when all I was thinking that I was a burden, a drain on society, would never feel better in the despair of darkness of severe suicidal depression.  I had means to die, pictured the act over and over, wasn't sleeping, and wasn't sure if I could stop my stop from doing it because I desperately wanted my life over, so I chose to go inpatient because I could hear my dad's words going through my head and knew he would rather me depressed than dead because he told me in that car ride.

I do NOT want anyone to have to have this conversation as a result of another funeral, but to have it NOW.  I want people to get help as soon as they notice something isn't right. There is no reason to wait until your mental or behavioral health is to the point of being dangerous. Share Hope Ambassadors can take the conversation of hope to those they love.


Several areas have a mobile crisis number (simply look online).

In the United States:
Can call 211. 
Lifeline ( 1-800-273-8255. This is a 24/7 fully staffed number.
Prayer | 1-800-700-7000 . This is a 24/7 number if you want prayer.

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  1. Sondra Groft has been providing great advice, contacts, and encouragement from the beginning of this outreach to share hope.


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