Prayer Partner


A Prayer Partner agrees to pray to end suicides and overdoses, for those in need to get help, and for healing of those grieving the devastating loss of a loved one.  Please also pray for the stop of other unnecessary deaths caused by drunk driving, domestic violence, gun violence/ mass shooting.  Pray for world peace. 

You can pray however you want for whichever request you want. Once or more is fine.  Seeking prayers because asking for a miracle.

Feel free to comment if you want to be a Prayer Partner.

My personal prayer: I pray my kids' generation does not have their peers die by suicide, overdose, drunk drivers, domestic violence, shootings, or any other devastating loss that is man-made. I want each of us to see all people as beautiful, as part of God's magnificent creation, and that we are responsible to take care of all of the people across the world and the environment. I want us to work together to change the world and in doing so hope we each change to love oneself and be proud of the individual God made.  


Heal Our Land Uniekgrace - Heal Our Land feat. Cookie Kay-Love @Uniekgrace - YouTube

A Plowshare Prayer "This song is the outline for the church I need, and our society needs.

We all have struggles. Find strength in being strong for each other.
Thank you for listening. You are loved." ~Jon Bender Song by his wife Gretchen Bender: (3) Facebook Lyrics (3) Watch | Facebook

Suicide Victim Prayer - Prayer Ideas: "We pray that the beauty and gift of our dear one’s life will not be negated or overshadowed by their tragic death or final pain.
Help us to celebrate the memory of our dear one and to be thankful for their life among us. Often bring to our minds their unique personality, their accomplishments, their dreams and the ordinary blessings of time spent together. Here are some very special memories of my dear one that I will always treasure in my heart ….
Finally, we pray desperately for ourselves that You will teach us how to go on living. Show us how to bear the daily pain of our grief and sorrow.
Give us the courage to reach out for help, to share our story, to admit our needs and to pray when all we see is darkness and discouragement.
Guide us, help us, hold us. Grant strength daily and hourly. Carry us in Your arms one day at a time until we are again surrounded by the light of life.
We now say farewell and commend our dear one to Your loving arms. In the name of Jesus, our Savior, Amen."

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