Crap Happens Philosophy

Share Hope through Art was created in response to a tragic loss by suicide.  I started the book Crap Happens Philosophy, as a teen, published the first version in 2013, updated it and just did a draft of over 400 pages in 2022 addressing many subjects, thoughts, that can lead one to a dark place. 

This book is an innovative effort for suicide prevention, to create resiliency among those bullied, to help people heal from trauma, encourages reader to live intentionally, and ideally leads to meaningful conversations. 

Press Release

Feedback on Crap Happens Philosophy Introducing the Psychology and Sociology of Crap.

From feedback this book has the potential to address serious topics while also launching Share Hope through Art into a self-staining non-profit with staff, budget for supplies, etc. 

4 copies of this book were ordered 2/11/2022 to get feedback and use as a fundraiser.

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