Future Potential Events

We are looking into creating monthly events and a How-to-Guide so anyone can implement them.  

At this time, we are doing Facebook Live as our only event other than participating in other people's events with a table and creating workshops that an individual or group leader can lead. Share HOPE through ART | Facebook

I believe the Art of Planning is real. The idea of researching, coming up with ideas, what matters, in and of itself can bring about insight and change. I hope that our work inspires others to learn more, grow, maybe even we'll do an event or someone else will. Sometimes planning is all you can do with COVID, but viewing resources is HUGE. So many people want an answer, an opinion right now that the time to learn is forgotten. Let's learn together, brainstorm together, share our thoughts, resources, etc.


* Hope and Healing Fair (participating in this month locally and will have more info after the event on how to do).  

* Art- Hope Rocks (suicide hotline on the back); flyers, bookmarks, cards, etc. Each event can  include resources on hope, healing, and an art project to make and/ or take to share.  

Guiding Principles for Events: By Hannah Freedman, 15 on 3/4/2010 at Ignite Baltimore "....becoming an activist is not that hard. And I know you guys are already adults, but I won’t hold it against you if you want to help. So here are 5 easy steps:

1. Find it. Find your passion. Everyone has one. What are you mad about that is happening right now?

2. Learn it. What is actually going on? Read books, rent documentaries, talk to people.

3. Solve it. Find a solution to the problem, it doesn’t matter how crazy your solution is. Really, the crazier the better! Don’t hold back, forget failure.

4. Speak it. Get everyone involved, family, friends, and any other passionate people you know. Family and friends might not identify with your cause as much, but they will help you anyway. Other passionate people understand what you are trying to do, and support it, but may have other ideas, and, as the leader of a revolution, you should be supportive of other ideas. Perhaps none of them are awesome ideas, but together, they make a great campaign.

      5. Live itHold an event: go march or vigil or lobby your politicians. You are not alone anymore. You have your purpose, your passion, and your people with you. Of course, you can always use more of any of the above, and an event brings awareness and other people and their passions to your cause. Don’t give up. If your first idea didn’t work, find another. But this is your passion, be it."  Hannah Freedman "Teen Activism: Passionate About Things That Matter" - Ignite Baltimore 5 - YouTube 5 minutes (environmental activist and importance of getting youth involved) 

The events will take place when others passionate about their needs rise up to help put on an event.  If it promotes hope and healing, please contact me at sharehopeart@gmail.com to see if we can help you somehow.  Some ideas I care about and thoughts on info are:

1. Prayer for Hope and Healing Gathering-  a time of prayer, time where people can share their personal stories, prayers, hopes, songs.  This can be led by multiple individuals who have it on their heart to lead from any religious background.  I would love for a monthly gathering at different locations or even online every month to promote unity, collaborations, maximum involvement by being online as well.    I want a miracle and believe praying together is a great first step. 

*Please let Judy know if you can host in Carroll County, Maryland, have a prayer, vision, song, hope, outreach you want to share publicly that is aligned with our prayers/ hopes. sharehopeart@gmail.com or via Facebook Messenger.

A Prayer Partner agrees to pray to end suicides and overdoses, for those in need to get help, and for healing of those grieving the devastating loss of a loved one.  Please also pray for the stop of other unnecessary deaths caused by drunk driving, domestic violence, gun violence/ mass shooting.  Pray for world peace. 

You can pray however you want for whichever request you want. Once or more is fine.  Seeking prayers because asking for a miracle.  Share Hope through Art: Prayer Partner (sharehopeart.blogspot.com)

My personal prayer: I pray my kids' generation does not have their peers die by suicide, overdose, drunk drivers, domestic violence, shootings, or any other devastating loss that is man-made. I want each of us to see all people as beautiful, as part of God's magnificent creation, and that we are responsible to take care of all of the people across the world and the environment. I want us to work together to change the world and in doing so hope we each change to love oneself and be proud of the individual God made.  

2. Suicide Prevention, focus on Veterans

- Become Educational Videos for Civilians on how to Help:  www.thefirewatch.org/watch-standers (2 videos less than 40 minutes)
*- Art- Memorial Plaques www.facebook.com/TilValhallaProject 7 minute video insight into suicide from a veteran, message "you have value": https://fb.watch/76kyStOjnP/

Potential Speakers, contact local
-Blue Star Mothers Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc
-Local Veteran Group
-WEMDVETSWEMDVETS was created to assist all veterans in need. In the coming months, we will be creating a place for veterans, from any branch, to rebuild/restore vehicles, learn trade skills, and help with re-entry to civilian life. To date, veteran suicides is at an all time high. 

3. Youth- empowering youth, families, those serving them

Hannah Freedman "Teen Activism: Passionate About Things That Matter" - Ignite Baltimore 5 - YouTube 5 minutes (environmental activist and importance of getting youth involved) transcript  found Submissions - Baltimore Do-Gooders (google.com)

Robert F. Kennedy 'Ripple of Hope' Speech - YouTube 2  minutes on the importance of youth

-Together We Own It (Carroll County, MD) Together We Own It | Facebook  Katie Kirby's Ignite Presentation Kati Kirby, Ignite 8 from 10-02-2019 - YouTube 6 minutes (Trigger Warning- for adults)

-Safe Families Home - Safe Families for Children (safe-families.org) 7  minute introduction video on their website

4. World
*April 15th- World Art DayFacebook 

-ONE - YouTube 2 minute 15 second video

5. Environment
Hannah Freedman "Teen Activism: Passionate About Things That Matter" - Ignite Baltimore 5 - YouTube 5 minutes (environmental activist and importance of getting youth involved) transcript  found Submissions - Baltimore Do-Gooders (google.com)

6. Stories of Hope

Introduction: When I (the founder Judy) met King Gimp in the 1990s, I also met another man who had CP at Camp Greentop, where I would visit with my best friend because her dad was the director.  This man spelled using a pointer attached to his head on the board on his lap with words and letters "I have CP, but it doesn't have me."  How often in life do we have something, a struggle, a diagnosis, a problem and yet we are not able to mentally or emotionally heal, move on, accept it?

Stories of Hope for people who have overcome hardships... 

World Peace- Story of Hope: Richard Schirrmann

Hostelling - cultural interactions promote peace, understanding
Richard Schirrmann - Wikipedia "Schirrmann described a Western Front Christmas Truce in December 1915: "When the Christmas bells sounded in the villages of the Vosges behind the lines... something fantastically unmilitary occurred. German and French troops spontaneously made peace and ceased hostilities; they visited each other through disused trench tunnels, and exchanged wine, cognac, and cigarettes for Westphalian black bread, biscuits, and ham. This suited them so well that they remained good friends even after Christmas was over."[4] Military discipline was soon restored, but Schirrmann pondered over the incident, wondering whether "thoughtful young people of all countries could be provided with suitable meeting places where they could get to know each other". The war made him an even stronger proponent of hostels; hostels would be "bridges of peace" to foster international understanding.[2]
In 1919, he founded German Youth Hostel Association.[4] In 1922, he retired from teaching to focus entirely on hostels.
In 1925, he founded the children's village "Staumühle" on a former military training ground near Paderborn. Until 1931, every year during the summer months, he organized a school camp.[2]
From 1933 to 1936, he served as President of the International Youth Hostelling Association (now Hostelling International), before the Government of Nazi Germany forced him to resign and the hostels were put under control of the Hitler Youth.[2] After World War II, he worked on the rebuilding of the German association, for which he received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesverdienstkreuz) in 1952.[2]
In 1946, he was flown to the International Youth Hostel Conference in Scotland by an American friend on a private plane, making him the first German civilian to enter British territory after World War II.[2]"

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