Saturday, July 3, 2021

Share Hope through Art's Purpose

*Share Hope through Art's NEW website!!!  for some reason this website has been blocked on social media so forced to create a new one.  

First Community Meeting to Prevent Deaths of Despair- 9/14/2022

Vision Statement: We want to live to see ZERO Deaths of Despair!  We want to see a day when there are no suicides, overdoses, drunk driving, or unnecessary violence. 

Zero Here Campaign- will be discussed at our first community meeting.  It is about having the local community work together to reach zero deaths of despair under the belief that it takes a community to change a community.  Fundraising Shirt Example.

DONATE to Share Hope through Art, which is under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Carroll County | Westminster, Maryland (

Shop- variety of fundraising attire with affirming messages to raise awareness and funds for our mission.

Fundraising Book- Crap Happens Philosophy Introducing the Psychology and Sociology of Crap on having Hope in the Hardest of Times.  This book hypothesizes that many of our problems are from not having peace within and that we need to talk about our crap, so we can address it and solve it.

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Founder's story, motivation, projects: Judy Marie Suicide Prevention - YouTube  

Carroll County Biz Challenge Pitch Video  & 60 Second PITCH Video  Update, I didn't make the top 5 to win the grand prize but leaving videos here and donations are truly appreciated!!!

Mission Statement:

To share hope through art by doing art workshops and sharing art created, as well as resource information (suicide prevention material and local resources) with local mental/ behavioral health treatment centers, wellness centers, etc. in Maryland in hopes of increasing mental health awareness, decreasing the stigma around mental and behavioral health struggles, breaking the isolation associated to feeling alone in one’s struggles, and ultimately prevent suicides. 

Share Hope through Art's Purpose

* Share Hope through Art's NEW website!!!     f or so me reason this website has been blocked on social media so forced to create a new...