Grassroots Supporters

Grassroots Supporters are those that generously give a donation of $4 or more in 2021.  This is to allow maximum participation and not have income be a barrier.  

Thank you so much to all who support Share Hope through Art!!!!

Before a non-profit, Shannon Phebus donated for art supplies to continue making keepsakes/ art

Judith Marie Kuzmak Viers

Stanton C. Viers

Alexis Xiong

Amy Shillady

Christine Brown Gray

Stephen Kuzmak

Peggy Bullers

Kristina Pangborn

Alexa Carbajal

Tina Smetana Thomas

Country Acres Assisted Living, Amanda Thomas-Sackett donated enough to make buttons for all of the Maryland Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walks. 

Laurie Galloway

Those who helped with Fundraisers

Carolyn Cullison/ On Our Own of St. Mary's County for ordering hope filled buttons to give away and paying.

Bonnie Damazo donated photo paper to make keepsake memorial, postage stamps, did an order for memorial bookmarks and donated funds to Share Hope through Art.  She also donated beautiful pieces of art through Illuminations with Bonnie. 

Those who purchased our first fundraising book Crap Happens Philosophy.

Those who donated supplies and/ or art:

Lorraine Demers donated multiple pieces of art and potential future auction items.  

Jill Spriggs donated over 70 painted rocks to give away, helped do likely over 100 cards/ bookmarks to give away, and passing on donations to give away from her friend(s). 

Barbara Johnson donated baskets that we use to give art to organizations/ hospital and envelopes to mail keepsake bookmarks and cards.

Gayle VanKampen Mathues for her beautiful Hope Sprite. 

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