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If you want to do a fundraiser on social media, please contact me for more info! You have to screenshot at the Share Hope through Art fundraiser which goes to the Community Foundation of Carroll County to my specific account.  Below are my financial goals and I hope that this organization funnels a lot of money for countless workshops. 

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Donate at Community Foundation of Carroll County | Westminster, Maryland (  

The non-profit is under the Community Foundation of Carroll County and founded by Judith Marie Kuzmak Viers on 6/29/2021. FYI Donations are tax-exempt. If you every prefer to mail a donation check, it is written out to the Community Foundation of Carroll County & for: Share Hope through Art fund.

Below is the budget to get a Share Hope Art Studio at the bare minimum.  I would want to have this to even sign a year lease. My first choice would be the TownMall of Westminster because it is handicap accessible, has plenty of parking.  I am open to other options near downtown.  I would also want volunteers to help run the studio so I can do workshops weekly in the community (inpatient in the hospital, treatment/ recovery centers, schools, etc).   The below budget I ironically created prior to the Carroll County Biz Challenge to show that $10K would be used on fundraising, but then grand prize increased and would cover below budget!

My DREAM budget for 2023 and on would be $100k a year to do all that I want to do, hire staff, get paid a living wage, able to replenish art supplies, give out art, books, for free, a grant for art teachers to do Share Hope Rocks painted gardens, and increase budget as Share Hope through Art grows.  

I posted as a comment on 1st online fundraiser in 2021 (raised $60):

"I would love for this fund to grow and be able to hire art workshop leaders in the future! Website to include art form, talent, and their individual story of why they care to Share Hope through Art, own story (mental/ behavioral health, loss, specific life hardship they went through) so places can "hire" based on art and their target audience. Ideally they would be paid gas and 2xs minimum wage and gas (because likely only 2 hours of paid work at a time and a lot of unpaid prep work).

My financial goal is to reimburse financial art supplies, (gas if 10+ miles from home workshops) and do for free through December then make $12 hour/ 20 hours a week until Fall 2022 when my son likely will go to Pre-K full day and then full-time salary (make former social work salary with my part-time job with inflation).
I hope to finish/ republish/ create new books that will get funneled through foundation too. I will also look into grants, but would prefer to be all donations, purchased of art created, books, t-shirts (other non-profits need grants) and would rather be self-supporting. I do not want to compete financially with other non-profits for grants."

The foundation will track every dollar. 98% goes to Share Hope through Art and 2% goes directly to the foundation, which is a GREAT foundation.

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